Tuition fees in Italy

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Tuition fees in Italy for international students


Italian universities are a dream destination for graduate study abroad, and it is interesting to note that the tuition fees in Italy for international students is significantly lower due to the subsidy allocated by the government to the education sector. One of the reasons to study in Italy is that in addition to using standard higher education services in the most famous universities in the world, you can also visit some of the most famous historical and cultural attractions in Italy at very affordable prices. A special feature of university tuition is that they are the same for Italian and international students. Another advantage is that students can pay lower tuition based on their family income.

This article provides some detailed information about tuition fees in Italy for international students.

In general, the costs for international students in Italy are as follows:

The Tuition fees in Italy

The amount of annual tuition varies in different departments, universities and cities of Italy, but the average annual tuition is from 800 to a maximum of 7,000 euros per year.

Tuition fees at Italian public universities

Italian public universities set their tuition fees according to their level of education and field of study.
The average tuition in Italy is 850 to 1000 euros per year.
In most institutions and universities, European students benefit from lower tuition fees than non-European students, and some Italian public universities set tuition fees based on the income of the students’ parents.

Tuition fees at Italian private universities

Italian private universities usually charge higher tuition fees than public universities, and most charge the same for European and non-European students.
The average tuition at private universities varies from 6,000 to 20,000 euros per year.

Tuition fees at cheap Italian universities

Italian universities with good tuition fees include:
Siena University: The average tuition fee is € 1,800 per year.
University of Bozen-Bolzano: The average tuition fee is 2,200 euros per year.
University of Torino: The average tuition fee is € 2,800 per year.
University of Padua: The average tuition fee is 4,000 euros per year.
Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice: The maximum tuition fee is € 2,100 to € 6,500 per year.

Tuition fees at top Italian universities

The average tuition at prestigious Italian universities is as follows:
University of Santa Ana (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna): The average tuition is € 4,000 per year.
University of Bologna: The average cost is 2,100 euros per year.
Polytechnic University of Milan: The average tuition is € 3,300 per year.
University of Trento: The average tuition is € 6,000 per year.

The cost of living in Italy

The cost of a student living in Italy is between 700 and 1000 Euros per month. These include housing, food, public transportation, local travel, and recreation or entertainment.
The average monthly cost of living for students in some Italian student cities is as follows:
Bologna: around 750 to 1100 euros per month
Florence: About 850 to 1300 euros per month
Milan and Rome: between 850 and 1450 euros per month

The cost of food in Italy

In Italy, it is not expensive to buy food from supermarkets, so you can spend an average of € 200 a month shopping in stores and supermarkets. Lidl, Penny Market or Esselunga stores in Italy are known for having the lowest prices.
In Italian restaurants, lunch or dinner starts with an antipasto meal, which includes a variety of cold meats, seafood and vegetables for between € 8 and € 15.
In mid-range restaurants, pasta and macaroni cost between 6 and 12 euros, while main fish or meat meals usually cost between 8 and 16 euros.
It is interesting to know that all Italian restaurants charge customers for bread and napkins on the table, which usually costs around 1 to 2.5 euros per person. Read More 

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