Collagen powder vs pill

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When it comes to taking collagen as a supplement, the main question is, what kind of collagen to take? Is it better to take collagen pills and capsules? Or is it more effective to have collagen powder in your drinks? Or maybe liquid collagen would be absorbed faster. That’s why we need to have a clear view about the absorption process of the collagen by different kinds.

Collagen powder vs pill

As you know, collagen is extracted from different animals. From fish (the marine collagen) to cow (the bovine collagen). However, there are a few more factors determining various kinds of collagen including:

  1. Collagen peptides powder
  2. Collagen pills or capsules
  3. Collagen drinks (liquid collagen)
  4. Collagen creams

So, which one is better? Collagen powder or collagen pills? Is there any difference between these two kinds of collagen supplements? These are what we go through this article to figure out. 

What you read through this article

  • Benefits of taking collagen supplement
  • Collagen powder or collagen pills, which one is better to take?
  • When is the best time to take collagen supplements?
  • Conclusion

Benefits of taking collagen supplement

Collagen serves a vast range of benefits to your body, from the nails to the bones and overall body strength. As all of us have collagen production naturally in our bodies, it probably wouldn’t be necessary to take collagen in younger ages. However, when we pass 20 and the aging process starts, it is a good idea to reduce the pace of aging. Besides, it helps with muscle and bone performance as well. That’s why, many athletes have collagen in their daily diet as a necessary meal. Here is what collagen can bring to your body:

Nail, hair and skin

Skin elasticity, stronger nails and healthy hair is what you can experience after having collagen for a period. As you know, skin is one of the main resources of collagen. When aging starts and the body produces less collagen, the wrinkles, scars of acnes, etc. would appear which can be cured and repaired by sending adequate collagen to the body.

Benefits of taking collagen supplement

Besides, the inner layer of hair is fed with collagen, so the hair growth can have a faster process by more collagen in the body. Besides, if you experience nail breaks and can’t grow them the way you want, that’s probably due to lack of collagen in your body.

Bones, joint and muscle

Bones need collagen as well as calcium to boost the performance and strength. While the main material of the joints is collagen. If the collagen level is reduced in your body, joint pains are the most relevant issue you may experience. In this case, collagen is scripted to you.

If you pay attention to the athletes, specially body builders, they use particular powders including collagen powder. That’s because collagen has the potential to increase muscle mass.

Organs performance and metabolism

There are many reports that collagen makes the heart, gut, liver, brain and other organs perform better. This is while taking collagen regularly increases the metabolism which helps weight loss in a more successful process.

Collagen powder or collagen pills, which one is better to take?

If you wonder whether collagen powder is better or collagen pills, it is necessary to know what type of collagen you want to take. Sometimes not all types of needed collagen for the body are offered in a capsule. Apart from that, the researches show collagen powder absorption is faster than capsules.

As a result, both collagen powder and pills can be useful, it depends on your taste, your food style and overall daily diets. So, you need to figure out which kind you are more comfortable with. If you find it hard to mix collagen powder in everyday drinks, then take pills. Additionally, if you find it more helpful to have a collagen drink every day, then take collagen powder.

When is the best time to take collagen supplements?

One good point about collagen pills and collagen powder is that there is no specific time to take it. whenever you were in the mood of taking collagen in daily routines, that would be alright. In fact, the process of collagen working in your body doesn’t really depend on the time you take it.

However, some researchers believe that taking collagen at different times of the day can change the benefits. For example, if you take collagen in the morning, better skin would be the result, while if you take collagen before sleep at night, gut performance would be improved.

When is the best time to take collagen supplements?

The best thing to know about this issue is that taking collagen also needs your test. You have to try and see what time will help you better. If the morning collagen makes you feel heartburn, then try to take it at night. Or if night collagen makes you feel too stuffed (as collagen is a filler) try to take it earlier.


While the use of collagen is increasing rapidly, people still don’t know every detail about it. That’s why they still have the question of what kind of collagen is the best to take. Here, the internet will help you with this issue. Among our searches to learn about collagen supplements, we found a great magazine called CollagenMag. In this online magazine, you can read about every detail you want to learn about collagen. It is worth mentioning that collagen powder is nowadays a healthy resource of body improvement from different points of views which has the least side effects.

In this article we tried to collect useful information about the collagen powder and collagen pills to offer you. Hope you find it useful and understand what collagen kind is better for your body to take. 

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